Old Sconce village

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Site history

Extract from article 'about Old Sconce village'

There seems to be some divergence of opinion as to the origin of the name Sconce, one is that it is a derivation from 'Scoria' a slag or dross residue left from the fusion of metals from ironstone workings. It is known that in the 13th century, monks from Rievaulx Abbey held the mineral rights in the vicinity of Faweather, which is about ┬Ż mile up Sconce Lane from the Camp and that workings and smelting was carried out by them in that area. In the opinion of a representative of the County Archaeological Department, Sconce means a fortification, a fort, or fortified enclosure and this is borne out by the contours of the site especially in its relation to the surrounding area.

Research and article by Mr. Colin Wilson District Chairman 1967-1981