Guidance & safety

2020 Sconce Guidance.pdf


We have no on site based Wardens which means you are free to enjoy the site with minimal interference during your stay. We have a few close neighbours we care about and want to keep happy by making sure everyone follows a few simple rules. We would also ask that you look after the site and leave it as you found it or better. Please read the guidance note and sign the booking form to confirm acceptance.

Risk Assessment Site and Shelters rev 6.pdf
Risk assessment Activity Ctr rev 5.pdf
Risk assessment Phoenix rev 5.pdf


We know the site well and have prepared risk assessments we hope you find useful so you can use our facilities in safety. You will of course need to plan your visit and prepare your own risk assessments to make sure that your activities and stay on the site are as safe as possible. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the team.